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Half plastic products
PAI Polyamide-Imide
PPS polyphenylene sulfide
PEI/ULTEM Polyetherimide
PFA Perfluoro
PCTFE Polytrifluorochloroethylene
PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene
PVDF Polyvinylidene fluoride
POM Polyoxymethylene
PET-P Polyester
PVC Polyvinyl chloride
Company Profile
Shanghai Chengtu plastic products co., LTD is focus on imported engineering plastic series of semi-finished products and machined parts.
We has good cooperation with many foreign brands, to provide customers with the best quality products.
Agent or distribution of the brand: Quadrant engineering plastic, Switzerland, Germany Ensinger engineering plastic, the German Roechling engineering plastic, the German GEHR engineering plastic, the German Licharz, Chesapeake Polymer, south Korea, Japan ぺ り ぺ ん こ, toyo...
Set each brand led products, set inventory advantages, set price advantages, to meet machine factory of high quality, fast delivery, reasonable price.
To provide suitable solutions for equipment manufacturing industry, from material selection, machining - the test sample to finalize the design, we have been with you, do your qualified engineering plastic integrated solutions.
Plastic pyramid

align=leftHow to choose a suitable plastic material?
Better Machining Products
And solutions

      Depending on the material structure, are classified as non-crystalline engineering thermoplastics and semi-crystalline plastic.
       Non-crystalline structure of the plastic is usually transparent, having a high dimensional stability, suitable for manufacture of precision parts.
       Semi-crystalline plastics are opaque, most good toughness, good or excellent chemical resistance.
       Long-term use of high-temperature plastic series temperature will be higher than 1500C, and the majority of the surface hardness, suitable for long-term use in high temperature environments.
       Antistatic Plastic antistatic values 106-10 times sensitive components and can be effectively excluded from the breakdown and release of static electricity.

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